Friday, March 10, 2006

Wrong turns

Running Thursday evening with one of my Pacer buddies, we did a route we had not done in a couple of weeks. I guess it felt like more than that as we took a wrong turn a couple of times. Just running along, in conversation, turning this way and that (it is that kind of a route), we turned and suddenly it did not seem right.
The first one was easy. It didn't take us long to realize where we went wrong. And how to correct it. And then shortly after that, we did it again... the fence was the key this time. We did not remember the fence. So we back tracked and turned this way and eventually it felt like we knew where we were.
Finally on familiar roads, the last one in particular, cruising along. Cars coming along infrequently to light our way. Three gentle slopes along the stretch to help us concentrate on the pace which was picking up slightly. Maintaining strides, matching strides. A shout out from one of the passing cars. This does not happen often. Maybe my yellow tights were too much for them this night.
May the roads/trails be kind to you!
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