Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Route

Tried a new route tonight. Normally don't do a new route in the dark without having run it during daylight first but made the exception tonight as I was able to drive over a portion of it before hand. The portion that I was not already familiar with. I was alone for the run so it also made it easier to try and go exploring, less risky.
The route worked out nicely. It varied in some ups and downs early, nothing major just some nice rolls. The course settled in for a bit before making a gradual incline. The heights all came down rather quickly about 3/4 mile from the end before going up for a quarter mile then down for the last quarter mile. Always feels good to finish on a decline. Less effort to really pick it up for a good finish.
5.1 miles in 43 minutes, in the dark, alone: nice run.
Also nice because the temp was 52 F to start so I was able to wear a cotton long sleeve shirt on top and my yellow running shorts (for visibility) and not have to bundle up like I have been doing most of the winter. (Carried my little flashlight and wore my reflective vest to ensure I was about as visible as I could be.)
The route in Franklin for anyone interested can be found on MapMyRun at
May the roads and trails be kind to you!
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