Monday, March 20, 2006

Two Steve's - American Runners

This story out of is a good one. I remember watching Steve Scott run. He was exciting to watch. I wondered where he was, what he was up to. He is still running and that is good.

What follows here is the outline of my story, the other Steve, the less famous one. Over the coming months, I'll flesh out details into individual posts to cover each of the major periods of my running and accomplishments.

I guess I am in the historical mode recently. Run to Remember triggering my journey back through my first log book. I did not keep records during high school but I do have records from the summer before college (1972) through to current time. I kept a log of each day I ran, where or how far, sometimes including the weather and who with.

The first log is a small lined brown notebook. I used to see these frequently in the drug store stationary section. This log book lasted from 1972 through to 1980 with the exception of 1979. I have a notation that "the records will be kept in the new log until that is filled" and then the next entry in this book is January 2, 1980. I need to dig into other archives looking for this single year log book. It is probably one from Runner's World.

Most of the records for the 1980's I kept on a computer database. Yes, I had gotten my first computer in 1982 for use during my MBA studies. I still have the system and have the floppy 5 1/4 inch diskettes but have not turned the system on to get into the program to read the entries. I do know that most of the 1980's and 90's were weeks of 1-3 miles a day, no more than 9 - 15 miles per week. A few races here and there. My married life, new job, MBA during night school, and then the birth of our two daughters took priority over my running time.

The girls grew up and became active first with soccer, then swimming, and finally in high school switched to running. Only when they switched to running did I get a chance to do more than the minimum. I volunteered to help the middle school team learn the baton pass. I continued volunteering with this coach when he (and my daughter) moved to high school, actually getting an honorary letter for the help I provided.

Over time as our computers changed, I realized that if I really wanted to keep a log I would have to do better about transferring the data from one system to another. In 2000, I started an Excel file to keep the numbers on the days and miles, along with a hand written log to record the weather routes, etc.

As you may recall in the fall of 2004, I joined a local running club, the Norfolk County Pacers and began running with them in earnest. The girls no longer needed me to be home after supper to help them with their home work. Allison was away for her first year at college, and Carolyn was a junior in high school. I switched from running alone in the mornings to running in the evenings with the Pacers. This schedule evolved into Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday with the 3 day FIRST program and with a few exceptions is the norm today.

So for my historical running periods, I have no records of what I did during high school (other than the school yearbook). I have good daily records for college and the six years after that I was teaching and coaching. Once I switched to the business world, got married, etc. the miles tampered off but the 3-4 days per week activity was kept up. Then in 2004, I got into running with the club and am making progress in getting into something like the shape I had once upon a time.

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