Monday, July 31, 2006

beating the heat

Running in the heat is a challenge but there are a number of ways to mitigate the effect.
  • Stay hydrated - drink fluids before you run. If you are running for an hour or more, take some fluids with you. Prepare for plenty of fluid replenishment after you run.
  • Run earlier in the day - usually before the sun gets too high in the sky
  • Wet shirt club - wet your t-shirt before you go out the door. Wear one of the cool weave fabric shirts and not the regular cotton t-shirt if you do this.
  • Choose the shady route - combined with an early morning run, choose a route with tree lined roads and stay in the shade, or choose this day to do a trail run through the woods.
  • Wear a hat - this achieves two purposes: one, it provides some protection from direct sun; two, the hat will retain water to help cool the head. When you take a drink of water, pour some on your head. The cooling effect on the head brings big benefits.
What would you add to this listing?

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