Sunday, August 13, 2006

Falmouth - Early results

It was a great day to run. Cool, sunny, just picture perfect beautiful here in Falmouth. The crowd of about 10,000 runners behaved well and found their way along the scenic course to the finish line 7 miles away from the start in Wood's Hole. The race is really three-in-one. There are the elite runners, the middle group is the average runners, and the third group is the party runners many of whom seem to do this just once a year.
The course is lined with spectators who are quite helpful and enthusiastic. They provide cups of water, orange slices, sprays of water, sponges... and above all they cheer. Quite an experience if you have not experienced this before to be cheered for the whole race and not just at the finish stretch.
I am pleased with my results. Unofficially, the overall clock time read 57:11, I had my watch start when I crossed the starting line and stopped it as I crossed the finish line for about 56:11 which makes sense as it took me about one minute to get to the start from where I was in the pack. The official chip times should be available on the web site tomorrow so we see then.
I managed to do about 8:30 for the first mile which was a little better than I expected given the crowd and working my way along. I then succeeded in getting splits of 7:50 for the next four miles before slipping to an 8:00 and then coming back to sub 8 for the finish mile. Not bad at all for a 7 mile race in a large crowd.
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