Tuesday, August 22, 2006

FHS Track Workout

FHS Track
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On the track tonight for the workout with the NC Pacers. Two other buddies showed up, one to walk (Achilles problem) and the other to run.

The night was perfect for running. Sun setting coolness, temp dropping into the 60's. Plenty of folks on the track, most walking, some doing their running/jogging, etc.

Coming to the track, I was planning on 3 x 800's. As I warmed up and was the only one doing so, I decided to start with the 800 as planned and the condense the other 2 x 800's into a single mile. I had not run a mile on the track in a while and felt it was about time.

After the Pacer buddies arrived, and got ready, we determined to keep this new plan. The first half was evenly paced at 3:25. (1:42, 1:43). We did a half walk, half jogged one lap for recovery and went into the mile turning quarters at 1:42, 1:45, 1:43, 1:42 for a 6:52 (and negative splits). Not bad for an old guy!

An easy mile warm down completed the workout.

May the roads/trails be kind to you!

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