Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Falmouth Prep

Final preparation for Falmouth this weekend are underway. I had a good distance run this past Sunday. A good track workout tonight in the coolness that is now around us. Temp reported to be dropping to about 50 in some spots tonight. Perfect running weather for me. Let's hope it hangs around for the weekend!
Sunday I added a 1.5 mile loop to our normal 6.5 mile course to create an 8 mile run. Why 8? It is longer than 7. The Falmouth distance is 7.1 miles. Psychologically going a little longer provides confidence of being able to finish the race.
On the track tonight with my Pacer buddies we did 3 x 800. I finished with splits of 3:23, 3:23 and 3:18. I stayed comfortable, I did not get up on my toes to finish, just maintained a good stride and felt good doing so.
The tempo run comes up on Thursday, then good food and rest will almost complete the preparations for race day.
One key part of race preparation now is visualization. Think about the start, working through the crowd but maintaining control. Don't go weaving from one side to another of the road to make your way through the crowd. All that will do is add distance to the course you are running and add effort. Neither will help produce a good time.
By the time you get to the two mile mark, you should have some running room so you can settle in on your pace. There are big mile markers painted on the road and clocks at each mile. You should be able to calculate your splits on the run. Maintain your pace through 5, then you can think about picking it up. Once you get to 6, this is the last mile. The crowd will be lining the sidewalks cheering folks on. This should provide extra incentive to get a good finish. Maintain control through the hill. Coming down the other side of the hill to the finish line, you can let go. And then celebrate!
May the road/trail be kind to you!
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