Friday, August 11, 2006

Falmouth - On the lookout

I will be heading to Falmouth shortly. If any of my readers will be in and around whether running this race this weekend or not, if you happen to see me, stop me to say hi.
Now, how are you going to find me in the crowd?
Well, you will have an advantage.
    • My picture is available.
    • I will be wearing a white baseball cap with either the NE Revolution logo or that of Franklin High School (the Panthers).
    • I will also try to wear my white Pacer t-shirts with the big P (for Pacers). One has it on the front, two have it on the back.
There will be other Pacers around this weekend. We do have a good representation going to the race.
I figure one or two of you anyway will help make my day by getting lucky to see me and talk.
What's the prize?
Well, obviously our conversation and meeting face to face. But there can also be a mention here if you'd like.
Good luck!
PS - the Pacer logo is the same as found on our website.
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