Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good timing

The Pacers managed to get out between the storms rolling through the area as the cold front moves on by. On the train out of Boston, as we stopped in Norfolk, the skies opened up and were dropping buckets of rain. A couple of us gathering to get off in Franklin said, let's hope it lessens by the time we get to our station. We were fortunate to have that happen. It was just a light rain as we got off and then turned heavier as we made it to our cars. It was definitely a localized storm as by the time I got home, only a mile away, the streets were still dry. They did not stay dry long, opening up in our neighborhood at 6:00 PM and tapering off by 6:30.
The Pacers gathered at 7:00. It wasn't raining and we made it through our easy three mile loop without significant rain. A cloud or two did sprinkle as it passed.
Just now however, the next band of storms passed by with the usual artillary of thunder and lightning. Could be in the clear from here on according to the radar. I hope so.
I am looking for a good nights sleep tonight. I have the day off on Friday to drive out to the Cape and get settled in our B&B for the weekend. Another good nights sleep on Friday will help for the race on Sunday. You have heard me talk of the importance of the night before the night before! Saturday should include a good pasta meal and a good nights sleep as well before the race on Sunday.
Then it is all up to what kind of day will it be?
  • Have all the preparations been completed?
  • have all the stars lined up?
  • Do you really want it?
  • Is it a Good day?
  • or is it a not-so-good day?
May the road/trail be kind to you!
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