Sunday, August 27, 2006

Running with Steve, not!

Taking my own advice, I began to work out how to finish two books reviews that I have in progress while running this morning. One with a draft already with some words to it, the other still being drafted in the grey matter. I was alone for the first loop but a Pacer buddy apparently had just missed me at the start and ran the loop in reverse, so we caught up to each other and finished together. In the time alone, I managed to work out my approach to the pending reviews. I also determined that I need to work on one at a time. One review a week for the next several weeks to catch up on reviews that are overdue.
Back to running, with tongue in cheek, feet planted in quicksand, I joked with him that I was thinking of re-doing the link on the Pacers web site from "Run with us" to "Run with Steve". I really wouldn't do that. I like the company but am not that forward.
No one joined us for the second part of the run (maybe I should rename it) and we did have a good run together. About half way out, I remarked that my legs were not feeling great at this point. The process of saying so forced me to think about why this was so. We were doing a good pace. granted still a talking pace but quicker than other weeks. This was confirmed when we finished and I checked the watch to find I had covered the same ground quicker than I had the previous week.
Part of the benefit of running with someone, you can push each other. Subtly, I was tagging on his pace for the later half after sharing the pace for the first part. Next week, the tables may be turned. Either way, the pace was better for us than if either of us had singly gone out. On your own, you can get into a rut. You keep the pace and work at it, and think your doing well, when in fact, you might indeed be slowly down. The companionship provides the subtle incentive for the common goal, finishing together.
Help your buddy and they'll help you. Leave no buddy behind!
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