Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cross training marathon plan

The newletter has this article on Cross-training Marathon Plan.
Here's your conundrum: You want to run a personal best marathon, but every time you build up to the running mileage you believe is required to achieve this goal, you get injured. Should you just give up and find another goal to pursue?

Not at all! By taking a cross-training-based approach to training, you can run a lifetime-best marathon on just three or four runs a week. Incorporating non-impact cardio workouts and functional strength workouts into your program will reduce your chances of getting injured not only by limiting your running mileage, but also by increasing the stability of your joints (as joint instability is the primary cause of most running injuries).

Your cross-training workouts will also enhance your running performance, more than making up for the running miles that are cut from your program to make room for cross-training.

Yes, this sounds just like the FIRST plan we have been using since September, 2005. You may recall it was written up in Runner's World July issue.

Must be a good thing especially if someone else has come up with it in their own way.


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