Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Frozen Hill

3 other Pacers joined me in the endeavor as we went back to the hills tonight at Tri-County High School for the first time in several weeks. Jogging in the parking lot we realized that it could be an interesting evening. The surface was very slick with ice. We strode gingerly along keeping our center of gravity low and our strides short.

As we went down the long side of the hill on our warm up loop, it became readily apparent that we would not be using this side of the hill tonight. You know that I like to run but I do not like to ice skate when I should be running.

Fortunately, we made it down without incident and the rest of the loop through the neighborhood was fine. Oh, snowy, with icy spots here and there but nothing like the sheet of ice we just were on. We made our way around to the short side of the hill and started up, checking it out as we went. It was okay, clearly not as exposed as the long side, less windy and with a better surface.

Hence we decided upon reaching the top (completing our warm up loop) that we would adjust the workout and only use the short side of the hill for our repeats. We would extend every other run up the short side by going towards the front entrance of the school to still give our workout a "long" run and a short one. This did shorten the overall workout a little but considering we were still slipping some here and there, as cold as it was, in the dark (okay, queue the violins....) I kept the record for my log as 5 miles. No need to quibble about a quarter mile or so in these conditions.

A good workout, one to talk about now as the one where the ice was so bad...

How bad was it?

So bad, that we did not do the long side of the hill!

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