Sunday, January 15, 2006

Not so bad after all

There were hardy Pacers out there with me today. A couple of buddies joined me for the 10 miles. The first part of the first loop was the most difficult as it crossed an open stretch and the wind made things difficult but not impassible.
We were joined by two others for the 6 mile section and changed our course to go out into the wind instead of the normal loop. This was a good move. Coming back with the wind behind us was almost pleasant.
One draw back was returning via Pond Street. We were faced with a long gradual hill. Yes, it is long, it runs over a mile but as it is gradual it just wears on you.
Back to the start for coffee and those cinnamon things to bring home for my ladies. At home, I got out of my wet stuff and took a shower in my daughter's bathroom. (They have a tub/shower. Ours is a shower stall.) I let the water run hot and fill up the tub. This warmed my toes very nicely and I came out feeling much better for having done the run.
The weather really wasn't all that bad and the forecast calls for the temp to continue to drop and the wind to continue to increase. Knowing that made it easier for me to go out the door this morning. This was a good as it was going to get today!
I hope you have "runner friendly" weather for your runs today!
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