Monday, January 30, 2006

map your run

I found this really cool web site to plot out and map your running routes. As you click to follow the road, it calculates the distance. Slick.

A free site, registration required. Elevation is planned for a future release.

Allows for comments and ratings of the routes. This will be good for use with the running club, the Pacers.

In fact, the Pacer run yesterday inspired me to look for something like this. We did a 10 mile route for the first time and it turned out it was not 10 but rather 8.5. Oh well... things could have been worse.

So anyway, now with this web site, the route has been adjusted and calculated to be a full 10 miles.

I am already putting together a wish list for the site:
  • the ability to make mile markers
  • the ability to post the route on a window where it can be viewed without scrolling
  • the ability to resize the route/window to print
You can check out the Pacers running routes here.

If you ever find yourself in Franklin, you'll have a choice of running routes.


Lisaleese said...

I have been using I'll have to check out this new site..

Caitlin said...

I was also going to send you the "g-map" site, but there is also this:

I got the new issue of RW today and noticed they had a half-marathon program for the FIRST plan. I had teammates in colleges who were injured frequently and ran some big PR's after only running the workouts and cross-training the other days. I wasn't injured that much, but it never worked for me.

Thank you for sending me the Excel spreadsheet to log my miles.