Monday, January 02, 2006

Different road to close 2005

Spent the last few days out in Danville, PA with some long time family friends. This gave me the chance to run a new route through their neighborhood on Saturday. I combined their regular "walking route" (almost 3 miles) with an out and back section along their main road.

Carolyn came along for the first part. We did the "walking route" easily. She had her MP3 player on and we just cruised along completing the loop in 22 minutes (hence it should be less than 3 miles as we were doing about an 8:30-9:00 minute pace). I left her at the house to do the out and back. This interested me as it would take me to the bridge where their road crossed over Route 80. This turned out to be conveniently about 2 miles from the house. I went out in 18 minutes and returned in 16. It felt good and comfortable. I continued past the house to redo the first loop, this time without Carolyn to keep me company. This time around it took me 20 minutes.

Allowing for some rounding, I logged it as a 10 mile run.

A good rolling course. Mostly broad gutter along the road to run away from the traffic (although there was not much to speak of) without running on the road itself.

A good workout in a different place to close out 2005.

A total 980 miles
Ran in 13 races
5 races had been run at least once in previous years.
In all those 5 races, my best time came down about two minutes from the previous best.

I have moved to a new level of running.

A good year.

Now I am ready for 2006!

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