Sunday, January 08, 2006

Good Sunday Run

A bunch of Pacers were out on the loops today; some doing the three loops (10 miles), some the two (6.5 miles), some joined us for the last loop (3.5 miles) and some hung around for some conversation over refreshments at Panera's.

Cool start. The temp was in the 20's F.

A light snow was falling, helping to quiet the world for us to make our footsteps in the early morning.
  • Catching up on what happened over the holidays.
  • Sharing the Chris Smithers/Stephanie Corby concert at the Circle of Friends Coffehouse last night.
  • Discussion on the merits and drawbacks of running on a tredmill versus the wild outdoors.
  • Discussion on the coming running year; what events would be targeted, renewing some old favorites, trying some new events.
And 10 miles went by quickly...

I had something left at the end.

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James & Kenya the Duck Toller. said...

Must be nice to be able to run outside at this time of year. I can't do that here in Ottawa! Treadmill for me.