Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3 for Tempo Tuesday

2 other Pacer buddies joined me for 3 miles tonight. It was warm, 60 F and still light out. I ran with a long sleeve and shorts, left the flashlight and reflective vest in the car.

The conversational pace was good. It was a real workout for me. I am getting comfortable with 3 but the pace was going to be the key tonight. How long could I hold it?

Fortunately, as we were leaving the development and heading back to the parking lot, just about where I could have packed it in and shuffled home, we were also heading into a down hill stretch. Not a real big one, just a nice gentle down slope for 3/4 mile or so. Knowing this was ahead, I hung in there and focused on the big Pacer "P" on the back of the front runner's shirt.

Pacer. Pacer, Pace. Pace.
Rhythm. Stride. Breath. Maintain.

I was able to hang just off his shoulder and a stride or so back for safety sake. The road was not really wide and there was no sidewalk on our side. We managed to stay together, the third doing just about the same thing behind me, until we got to where the road flattened out and curved to the right. We checked for traffic and crossed over. That broke my concentration and I let them get a bit ahead of me for the last quarter mile or so.

I was huffing when I got in but it was a good run. Thanks for the company and pacing guys!

So the lesson for today; even when you think you may not have it, use the course. I used the down hill stretch to maintain contact with a minimum of effort. A great confidence builder as well as a great physical workout. It could not have been done alone!

May the roads/trails be kind to you.

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