Thursday, March 15, 2007

5 on the hills

Five Pacers braved the mixed precipitation to do the workout on the hills tonight. We broke into two groups, my group did a shorter workout. It was good to have company on the hills.

The weather had been light rain showers but of course, as we gathered in the parking lot the wind picked up, and the precip changed to mixed rain/snow. Undaunted, although complaining out loud, we headed out to get started. The mile warm-up (with multiple conversations going to catch up on business since we had previously gathered) went quickly.

Given the weather, we decided to do half miles rather than the shorter 3 tenths / 2 tenths splits we would normally run. Less stops would keep us warmer. This was a good choice. During the first one, the mixed precip stopped (someone was watching over us) and the remainder of the workout proceeded well.

Mile warm up, half mile hard, half mile easy, mile warm down; three miles total for my group.

The other group did the same warm up/warm down but did three half miles hard.

A good workout. The hills adding good resistance to the effort.

May the roads/trails be kind to you!

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