Friday, March 30, 2007

4 on the hills

It was supposed to be 50 F Thursday but didn't quite get there. The temp was dropping by the time we got out on the hills that night at Tri-County Regional Vocational in Franklin.

2 of us arrived together, both arriving late, I caught a later train than I should have (and it ran late to compound the matter), the other was slowed on the drive home due to a brush fire along the center media coming south bound on RT 495.

None the less, it was time to run. Late or not, we got started with the warm up loop. A one mile route down and around the hill through the neighborhood. We were just getting started on our first, when we saw 2 other Pacers running towards us. They had run over from the Horace Mann Middle school as their warm up. So 4 of us did the workout.

I only did a portion to target finishing the night with 4 miles. As you may recall, the full workout would be 5 miles. It was a chilly breeze but the workout went well.

It was good to have company to run the hills in daylight, at least to start. Hills are good for you.

May the roads/trails be kind to you!

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