Friday, March 02, 2007


The Pacers were unable to gather a quorum for the hill workout we normally do on Thursday's. I took the opportunity to run a route I had not in a while around my own neighborhood.

Three miles, mostly flat with some nice stretches of telephone poles along the return that are spaced very well for some pickups.

I am still coming back from injury and a four month layoff but some pickups over the last mile were a good way to start getting some quality effort on the road.

I did pick up the pace for 3-4 utility poles then notched it back to recover for another 2-3 poles before picking it up again.

It made the final mile go quicker and while the legs struggled a little on the last stretch, it was a good struggle and not entirely unexpected. It will take time to get the legs and lungs back. The next time I do this pickup set on this loop, it should be easier. And the time after that still easier. That is how progress is made, a little effort at a time.

May the roads/trails be kind to you!

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